Natural Stones

Natural stones of natural beauty. Marble comes from the Earth in its amazing form, because the Earth did the bulk of the work. The transformation of blocks in slabs does not need processes with a high expenditure of CO2 or chemical substance. This allows us to offer our customers a material with a low enviromental impact, a long-life cycle and greener disposal.

Our Natural Choice:

Thassos White

Pietra Medicea

Giallo Reale

Bianco Perlino

Rosa Perlino

Travertino Chiaro

Travertino Noce

Verde Alpi

Nero Marquinia

Blue Pearl

Bianco Statuario

Calacatta Vagli

Elegant and classic, the Italian marble that recalls the pure colours of the Apuan Alps

Azul Bahia

Originally from Brazil, the blue granite suitable for any use

Ocean Blue

Iranian Onix. Each slab is a unique masterpiece

White Onix

An extremely precious natural stone of timeless beauty, coming from ancient Persia


Get to know this precious Brazilian granite with remarkable green and turquoise shades: a true jewel of nature.

Pink Onix

All the elegance of pink, for extraordinary interior projects.


Discover the characteristics of this special Brazilian quartzite with a rich and exotic colour.

Nero Portoro

Nero Portoro is an exclusive dark marble, quarried in Italy, with changing degrees of gold veining all through sedimentary rock

Azul Macaubas

Artificial stone is engineered marble creating something beautiful and lasting from what marble quarries before wasted. Pieces of stones are crushed, ground and mixed with a small amount of polyester resin then compressed and heated.