ROSSO VERONA Marmo Anticato • Tumbled Marble (m2)

Rosso Verona tumbled: red Italian natural marble.

Red Verona Marble is a variety of limestone rock which takes its name from Verona in Northern Italy.
It includes internal skeletons of ammonites

type of stone: Marble
sample finishing: tumbled
sawing direction: vein cut
Country of origin: Italy
uniformity: uniform
quantity available: for medium quantities
application: int/ext mild clima
Volumetric weight : 2698 Kg/m3
Compression strength : 1647 Kg/cm2
Bending strength : 110 Kg/cm2
Abrasion resistance : 0,58 mm
Absorption : 0,2 % by weight
Coeff. thermal expansion : 0,0089 mm./m. oC

Price per sqm , incl. VAT

53.60 €